Project 1: Feeding

Due to the rampant poverty in the area, most pupils dropout of school because of lack of food in their families. This project is therefore to ensure that food and clean water are available freely to all pupils from nursery to primary seven.

We also try to support kids with basic health care like good toilets and provision of sanitary pads to girls. which has been posing a serious threat to their education.

Project 2: Scholastic Materials

Scholastic materials like pens,pencils and books. being able to buy reading text books and curriculum books so that they follow similar coverages like other good government schools.

School fees helps run our daily needs yet most kids cannot afford it. a help in it is necessary.

Project 3: Constructing a better school

Building a better school project is a target.

The plan from the town architect is as shown aside boarding section.

Project 4: Technical jobs to support daily life

While we shall be encouraging students to join higher education like secondary school and university, we also understand the difficulties most children can be faced with along the way. For all those incapable of continuing with education, the plan is to put a side a technical school for crafts , welding, agriculture and sawing.