St. Florence Nursery and Primary School

About Us

St Florence Nursery and Primary school was formed in 2010 from the ideas of Mr. Jackson Waburoko with the aim of giving back to the society in which he grew up from. Waburoko is among the 1% of the kids who were able to join secondary school and later managed to obtain a university degree after being helped in a similar school setting. Waburoko has a long term goal of building several similar schools in remote villages of Uganda as long as God gives him more life.

The school is the first of its kind. Its located in a very slum village where smart kids and children for generations have failed to enjoy their basic right to education because of poverty in their families. In this village, 98% of the families eat only one meal a day.

The school was named in honor of his mother Mrs.Wayenya Florence Wepukhulu, one of the most brave ladies alive. Despite the poverty, village challenges and poor mind-set of the society about education , Mrs. Wayenya Florence Wepukhulu knew the value of education that she toiled day and night to keep her 10 children in school . Like Nelson Mandela once said, Mrs Florence had a strong belief that only Education can help eradicate poverty.

St.Florence is therefore a non-profit private school that focuses on helping the needy children whose parents for generations have failed to support their education not because they don't value education but because of absolute poverty that managing daily life in its self is a struggle.

Message from the Director

Core Values

The school management is driven by core pillars of: Integrity, Transparency, Accountability and Service delivery. Acting with honor, honesty and Truthfulness with the aim of building lasting trust within the communities we serve and with our development players.

Our Goal

Creating a lasting legacy in the community by changing mind-sets in favor of education.

Our Vision

To see a Uganda without illiteracy, in which every person can exercise his or her right to a life of education and dignity.

Our Mission

To work with the poor, the orphans , the needy children, the local communities and other development donars to eradicate illiteracy in Uganda.